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Top University.Rowing in Henan
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“Top University.Rowing in Henan”
The 2018 “Lottery Cup”Zhengzhou.“Intelligence Lake (Longzi Lake) : 
“HuaShui Cup”University Regatta

Longzi lake .Zhengdong new district have a unique advantage to carry out and promoting rowing sports,
Firstly, longzi lake have beautiful environment and water is very clearly,the government and the local person living near there are very cherish about this lake ,both sides of the lake are full of flowers and grass and tall trees standing,the worker regularly clean grass in the lake so that can makesure the saftly of the boat.
Secondly,there are more than 15 universities around longzi lake with surface deep into each campus. such as North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power 、Henan University of Ecomomics and Law and so on.
So ,such a huge students foundation is the prerequistite for rowing training in longzi lake.from now on,there are 4 campus have found their rowing teams,and they training everyday,in the moring they starts at 6:00am and in the evening at 6:00pm.
When summer and winter vacation coming,the team will gather their rowers have one or two month of intensive training.
Third,Longzi lake has a track length of 4.9km and with well situated of water surface,there are nearly 1 kilometers of straight water length in the southern section.so Fenghe rowing club have building one characteristic round race track of longzi lake,till now,this is the first-class track of china!

Two、Rowing in Henan Regatta
Fenghe Rowing Club, founded by Mr. Yuanlin CHENG in 2011, which is one of the earliest rowing clubs in China and has successful host such rowing events:
2012: Zhengzhou International Top Universities Rowing Competition. More than 10 top university rowing teams have participated such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge;
2014-Now, “Huashui” university rowing challenge cup, “Deepdive” regatta;
2015-Now, Annual national youth water sports summer camp-"China sports lottery cup” in Zhengzhou;
2017 successfully held two serial regattas on the Longzi Lake-“Huashui” University Cup and “Jianye” Club Regatta.
About “Top University.Rowing in Henan”
The 2018 “Lottery Cup”Zhengzhou.“Intelligence Lake (Longzi Lake) .“HuaShui Cup”University Regatta, there are three International Colleague Terms participated:Cambridge University、Northwestern University、A.S.R Nereus(University Students Rowing Team)in Amsterdam。
Also have 7 Domestic Universities take part in this race:
North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power、Sun Yat-Sen University、Xi’an Jiao Tong University 、Xi’dian University 、Henan University of Economics and Law、Physical Education College of Zhengzhou University、Huanghe Science and Technology College。
Competition Event have 300m Short Track Race& Round the Lake Races for M8+ and W8+ .Total more than 160+ athletes.
At last, A.S.R Nereus win the first place of the men’s team .

Three、Cultural exchange
In the morning of 19th,apr,2018, Cambridge University and A.S.R Nereus came to North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power 、Henan University of Ecomomics and Law to Participate the opening ceremony of the sports meeting.
During that time ,our athletes go to the center of the stage and to display rowing skills to the whole school students and teachers.
The flags were fluttering around the stadium and the sun was shining,you can see the oars have the standard action and do proud of them.
After the sports meeting,the volunteers taking the rowers coming to the college library,get to know the history of the school and at the same time enjoy the good view of the campus.
In the afternoon of 19th,apr,our teamers came to Zhengzhou Longxiang middle school & Zhengzhou ninety-fourth middle school to promotion the rowoing culture,by guided the students to practice the concept2 training,the students arise great interesting and they also have a 4*100m relay race with the awards issued by the rowers.
After learn what is rowing and how to use concept2 ,those school prepared dragon show、paper-cutting、handwriting and so on.all the rowers have participated,they were writing Chinese vharacters by brush pen and change gifts to the middle school students .
In the evening of 20th and 21th ,apr ,the top universities have a communication with each other, Cambridge University brought Beijing opera performance and read Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again which is written by The great poet, Xu Zhimo.
It’s an interesting regatta ,and everything is fun ,but it’s not ending and the committee will holding top universities regatta every year. It's going to be a traditional event and the scale is getting bigger and bigger.
At last,maybe you want to know why Fenghe rowing club always holding regatta such as this,the answer is that we have been devoted to the development of rowing so many years and the team leander of fenghe rowing club is very deeply in love with this business line.
Till now,it’s not just the leader’s career but is his a huge hobby.as a rower,he wants more person know and take part in the rowing .
He always said ,in some distance,the culture of rowing is similar to the culture of Chinese Zen,when you sitting on the boat and you need make your peace or maybe the water make your peace,you also need keep the balance of the boat、the river and the environment.
We can realized who we are and how to search for ourselves.
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