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September 15, 2016 "deep diving cup" boat friendly competition.
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Activity time: 8:00-11:00 on September 15, 2016.

Activity name: "boat into longzi lake" deep diving cup competition in zhengzhou station.

Place of activity: zhengzhou, zhengzhou.

Organizer: water sports management center of henan province.

Henan social sports management center.

Zhengzhou sports bureau.

Zhengdong new district management committee.

Participating units: deep diving entrepreneur team.

Vanke's first-line teams.

Fenghe sports invitation team.

Competition project:

(1) running relay race: distance of 9,210 meters (not included in the competition)

(2) rowing 500 meters straight line (points system)

Eight men have the rudder.

Four men have no rudder.

(3) boat racing around the lake, 4 km (points system)

Eight men have a rudder.

Attended the opening ceremony of the union chairman, vice chairman of the Chinese rowing association, vanke chairman wang shi, henan province sports bureau deputy director Paul peng wang, vice mayor of zhengzhou liudong, zhengdong new district working committee, management committee director Paul peng wang, remember, general manager of zhengzhou vanke Cai Ping, zhengdong new district from the bureau of Tian Guoan, etc.

The guangzhou vanke rowing team won the championship of the day.

At the opening ceremony, wang shi, chairman of the Asian games association and vice chairman of China rowing association and chairman of vanke's board of directors, delivered a warm speech and gave a high evaluation to the zhengzhou fenghe rowing club. 

The "deep" cup brings together the domestic love rowing the top entrepreneurs and elite from all walks of life, be able to select was held in the beautiful scenery give lake, fully reflects the friends from all walks of life recognition of zhengdong new district integrated environment, will further enhance the visibility and influence of the east.


On the day of the game, eight, eight people have single oar helmsman rowing on a lake, an intense chase calm water was allocated graceful spiral blade, lake more than a dozen colleges and social masses of teachers and students in the cried out, "come on", cheer for and not know players. It is reported that this kind of lake chasing competition in central plains is the first time. With the launch of the rowing in zhengdong new district, the influence of the dragon boat race will be further increased.



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