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The king asked me to visit the mountain, this summer is unusual.
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Last year,

The headmaster started the drum set.


Drinking a little wine and singing a little song is a little bit more.

Were to choke... Qiang qiang dong... Dong zhe dong

The next song is the headmaster's favorite.

Of course you can laugh and enjoy.

Good intentions send you to patrol the mountains/patrol the people always find out/knock up my drum/play my gong/find people all over the lake...


2017 national college rowing championships,

Morning, July 16

The tour starts officially:

The unconvinced zhengzhou people have seen it.

Cities and cities are similar.


The spool of the photograph is unique and independent,

At this moment, I am determined to catch a little monster.




Arriving at the venue on July 16th,

One of the girls who had been drifting, said a word to the training Allies who were both comrades and rivals.

The sister said that if only one team were training at the club, they would be lonely.

Children's shoes, for from now on not lonely, with white water generation wine, mercilessly poured!

The big it

One day a chess match, a hero to the hero, sympathetic.

Boating, drinking, start.

On July 17, before the start of the race,

Unloader - boat - boat - boat - reinspection boat - deck boat.


Your own boat is your own BMW.

You don't love a BMW.

Please give a hand

The first time a teacher saw his students carefully adjust the shape of the boat, he was very touched,

The girls, he said, must have never touched a screwdriver before, and now they can go home and repair their bikes.

Haha, long live the girls who repair bikes...

Early morning of July 18,

The weather was very awesome. It rained cats and dogs as soon as the game was over.

It's one of the most common scenes on the training ground.

From the field back to the hotel, the rain kept falling,

The players have a steady confidence in their leisurely pace.

Match video start.


July 19th final.

For a battle-hardened team with a long history of battle, playing games?

NO, I'm waiting for the gods just to practice a little.

In this event, the financial team is definitely a dark horse,

The team has been training since March 25, 2017.

In less than four months,

In China water, the big brother is also the friend and the day together PK situation,

Needless to say, the report card proves everything.

About the results

In addition to the master of the magic number.

I have to mention one person.

And when he shakes the peacock feathers.

There is no peach forest in the ten li long lake.

Picture is truth

Whether the gods of the fairies can make up a life.

How about a sign?

At the end of the game,

The field of the second change shows, the big picture.


Life does not meet where it is.

Our team is bound to get bigger and bigger.

There will be more and more Allies.

Haha, it's getting better and better.

The tour of the lake was closed with the friends of the two school captains.

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