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Fenghe rowing team in May.
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The climate of 17 years is extraordinarily abnormal, all said that the July fire, may the Chinese land began... ..

In the hot may weather, the team members of the fenghe rowing team began a happy "run".

First of all, the scenery was old.

After the northwest look, shoot the Wolf ·.

On May 1, 2017, li & fung rowing club four teams: north China water conservancy and hydropower college rowing team, zhengzhou ninety middle school teachers, zhengdong new district Yang Qiao central school teachers, zhengzhou vanke team participated in the rowing masters of yangzhou.

As for grades, I've been keeping a low profile, coughing...

The fenghe rowing boat took part in the four teams of yangzhou masters, and the team uniform was red and orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Who was in the dance? (voiceover: why don't you go to heaven wearing this flower? Will I be photographed?

The photo of fenghe rowing team in yangzhou after the competition, although tanned, but still is a face of small indeed lucky ~ (after the match, the color of the state is still so good, can be seen that not well.

The following is an image of the event and the award winning image, and it has always been suggested that the players of the fenghe rowing team are far more talented than athletic talent.

Well, it comes from the black.

Of course, the players' circle of friends also broadcast the event, which should not be broadcast.
Of course, as President of the Asian rowing association, wang shi has also gone, and he and the crew of the fenghe rowing team have taken a photo. Of course, for the gourmands to care about, vanke's house can offer a negotiated price, wang shi did not respond (ha ha).
On May 21, 2017, the north China water conservancy and hydropower university rowing team of fenghe rowing team came to xi 'an to participate in the "ba river race" rowing challenge.
Before the competition group photo, the female water spirit, the man black, much like the ans north shaanxi's handsome hou sheng!

Preparation before the game, three turns left, three right, neck twisting, hip twist.
The competition silhouette, the female does not let the eyebrow, the most beautiful is not the scenery, is your smile.

Win the prize - yes, the women started to come out, basically no man what happened?
We waved and didn't take away a cloud, only to take the cup.(Are you not lonely?→_→)

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